Thursday, May 3, 2007

May already?

I can't believe it's May!! I am ready for warm weather and spending time outside with my kids. This week has been busy. Monday Kayleigh came home with pink hair! Her school is having a cancer drive so each day this week they get to do some fun and crazy things! Pink hair being one of the craziest! Kayleigh has also been busy with softball, mostly practices since it has rained on every scheduled game she's had so far! Hopefully tomorrow it won't rain and she'll play her first game. We love going to the ballpark, having a hot dog and enjoying the game!

Maddie is getting ready for her first dance recital on May 12th. They are working on a tap routine to 'I Will Follow Jesus'. Hopefully we've been paying attention and the recital will be a success! Tuesday was picture day at the dance studio, it was chaotic but I'm sure we'll have some great pictures. Here's Maddie in her recital costume. She's very excited to wear it, I hope she'll be as excited when she realizes she'll be dancing in front of an audience of parents, granparents and lots of family and friends!

Fletcher had a great day today! We started the day with speech therapy and after that off to school we went. Fletcher had a blast in school where they sang songs and played games. Today they gave him a baby doll and he loved it! Craig wants us to call it an 'action figure' but this baby doll is far from an action figure! She is all baby doll, soft and cuddly and PINK!!! Fletcher lights up the minute he sees her, he kisses her and smiles the whole time he has her! I had used up all my film BEFORE class so I didn't get a picture of his baby, but I'll get one soon! Maddie wanted to see her Bubba so we went up there after she got out of school. She had a picnic in his bed and played with all his toys! Fletcher also had PT on his schedule today so we stayed for that. Boy am I glad we decided to stay! Today his physical therapist brought a gait trainer to his unit, which is basically a walker. How exciting to see him in a standing position where his feet touched the floor! This was a new sensation for him, first she took his shoes off, then his socks! I don't think his feet have ever touched the floor. I cried like a baby today watching him in that thing. He couldn't move the gait trainer today, but I believe one day he will. Maddie and I pray together every morning and we are specifically praying for strength in his lungs, neck, back and legs. Maddie always prays for him to be able to crawl and walk. What a joy to be able to see what the Lord is doing for him. Fletcher is now able to hold his head up on his own for 5 to 7 minutes at a time. I am posting a picture of me holding him supporting him only by his waist.


Kristi said...

Oh Denise! What a blessed day you had to see what all sweet Fletcher has accomplished. I know that he will be up and around in that thing in no time!

janet c said...

Denise, I remember when they strapped me into my walker, and put on little booties, then uprighted me to "walk" with my walker. My senses were overwhelmed, physically and emotionally, that I was mush, but he's gonna love standing up and going for it. He may never do that crawl thing - why, if he can walk? So many smiles ahead!

janet c said...

How much does he weigh with all those steriods they have him on? I gained 40 lbs since coming home from the hospital and am now almost off of the 'riods (1 mg.). I'm losing a little - in 1/4 lb increments! Grouchy, I am!

So I asked about his weight, becasue I assume the boy has some bulk, but there's NeeNee, holding him up in the air. I'd love to have another baby, but my arms aren't strong enough to hold 'em. Probably a good thing, I'd never lose my weight then!