Friday, June 22, 2007

Bye sweet friends!

This has been a week of good byes for Fletcher. His favorite teacher's assistant Mrs. Sybil and his PT assistant Mrs. Jenni have left their jobs at TCC. We are sad for us, but we are happy for them because we know that God has big plans for the two of them. We want them to know how special they will always be to us and how grateful we are for their love, dedication and hard work!

Fletcher and Mrs. Jenni his physical therapist.

Fletcher and Mrs. Sybil his favorite teacher's assistant.

Well, Fletcher had his appointment with Dr. Hildebrand on Wednesday. It went okay I guess. Fletcher will be having surgery on his eye again. We don't have a date set yet. Fletcher is having a CT scan next Thursday and Dr. Hildebrand wants to wait for the results of the CT scan before he makes a decision on what to do surgery wise. I'll keep you posted.

Fletcher also got new glasses today. This is his third pair. The last ones were way too small for him and I think that's why he didn't like them. So, we'll see if this pair is any better. I really don't know how to chose glasses for myself let alone my 2 year old! The picture I'm posting is from today. He drove his power chair to school and then he got new glasses, went to school and had OT immediately after class. He was pretty tired when I took the picture. If you look closely at his mouth that's what we call his 'sleepy mouth'. He always does that when he's starting to get tired!

Fletcher sportin' new glasses!

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janet c said...

We all know he's a smart guy, but now he's going to start dressing the part? We'll have to get a pocket protector for him so his pencils. pens and protractors won't hurt his plaid shirts to go with his striped pants. I know how those engineers are - it starts at birth!