Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday was a day devoted to dear ol' dad! We started the day by picking up Fletcher at TCC and taking him to church with us. He was a bit grumpy and we weren't able to sit in the service with him due to the beeping and crying! Craig and I were shocked, normally we can't hear him cry! Craig and I had to alternate holding him as he slept in our arms. Craig's parents and his nieces joined us for church and for lunch afterward. Great food and family time how fun is that? Kayleigh made Craig a lemon cake (his favorite) and decorated it with cream cheese frosting (also his favorite!) and added lemon drops to top it off! It was yummy and daddy really liked it!After everyone left Fletcher took about a three hour nap! And the rest of us napped as well and we just hung out for the rest of the day. We took Fletcher back at about 7:30. Thanks for your prayers, it ended up being a terrific day with our family!

Today Fletcher had an appointment with his endocrinologist, Dr. Domek. Fletcher is on an extremely large DAILY dose of steroids and they are going to start weaning him off of them. They did try weaning him last year at this time and they weren't successful, maybe just not aggressive enough so, here we go again. Would you all mind praying that we would have success in getting him to a reasonable dosage? Dr. Domek is concerned about the long term effects of long term steroid use, one that he mentioned a lot today was osteoporosis. Anyway, it was a good appointment and since we were at Baptist we were able to go up to the PICU and see our friends there. How fun! Fletcher even warmed up and showed all of his latest tricks. He's very good at his body parts these days! Ask him where his head, ears, nose, tongue, mouth, hands and feet are and he'll show you! What a smart boy!

Last month Fletcher had an appointment with a neuro opthamologist, Dr. Siatkowski. That appointment didn't go like I hoped it would. As you all know Fletcher's right eye hasn't opened completely since birth and we have literally spent his entire life trying to get it fixed. As you may recall he had surgery on his eye on October 18, 2006 with Dr. Hildebrand. And as you can see the surgery was not a success. He basically only got a scar out of the deal! UGH! Well, when we saw Dr. Siatkowski he said the surgery needs to be done again and he referred us back to Dr. Hildebrand! So, on Wednesday we have an appointment with him. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Hildebrand is a good doctor, but I have this feeling that there will be some 'reason' why the surgery didn't work other than the doctor didn't do it correctly! I'm really not looking forward to this appointment. Please join us in praying for resolution to this eye drama!

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Michelle said...

Happy Fathers Day Craig! What a sweet family!! I was looking back at wedding pics the other day and Kayleigh and Erin are so little! 6 years goes by fast! Will keep Bubba in our continued prayers as always!