Monday, July 2, 2007

Saturdays at TCC

Saturday Fletcher turned 2 1/2 years old! I can't believe how fast time flies! For the last couple of weeks, two of my sisters (Kim and Dawn) have been coming to TCC to see Fletcher and take advantage of the Farmer's Market. We sure look forward to the great tomatoes (almost as good as my daddy's used to be!) and the laughs that abound when I'm with my sisters! Those girls are hilarious and such a blessing to me!

Fletcher, Aunt Kimmy and Aunt Dawny

Well, Wednesday is July 4th. We are going to bring Fletcher home for the afternoon. Of course, we'll all wear our Old Navy July 4th t-shirts. So, I'll update next time with those fun pictures. We'd sure appreciate your prayers that we'd have a sweet time at home with Fletcher.

On Thursday we will have Fletcher's Patient Care Conference (PCC) these meetings take place every three months. The doctor, nurse practitioners, RT, PT, OT, Speech Therapist and anyone else who works one-on-one with Fletcher will be in attendance. It's a great time for Craig and I to voice our concerns and ask any questions we might have. They also inform us of Fletcher's improvements, needs and anything we might need to know. Before each conference they measure Fletcher and he has been 28 inches for at least a year. :( Well, last Friday they measured him and he has grown a full inch!!!!!!! WooHoo! Way to go Bubba!

We're still waiting for the results on the CT scan. I'll let you you, when I know. Need to go for now!


Aunt Dawny said...

He looks just like his Aunt Dawny!

kim said...

whatever aunt dawn you wished you were as cute as he is haha. he likes hes aunt kimmy the best anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!