Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Reading, Blogging and Bubba!

Well, it's happening...Maddie started reading yesterday! She found this book that my sister Kim gave her for her second birthday, the classic Dick and Jane. She is really reading you guys. She read 60 pages of the book to Craig last night! We're so proud of her! And she's pretty excited about reading, too. Maybe we can turn the TV off for awhile!

Kayleigh is turning out to be quite the computer whiz! Last night I was showing her my blog and she thought it was so cool. Then there were a few things I wanted to change and I, of course had no clue how to change them so she sat down and just clicked away! I'm so amazed at the knowledge kids today have of computers! We're thinking of letting her start a blog. I have been so leary of letting her do anything on the web, you know myspace and all it's nightmares. I really worry about internet predators and am thinking a blog might be the way to go. We'll see...

Fletcher is doing okay. His unit is closed due to the fact that every kid in there is sick with some kind of stomach bug. We have been praying constantly that the Lord would protect Fletcher from all the germs floating around and so far He's answering those prayers! But, since his unit is closed he isn't being able to have any of his therapies or go to school! He can't leave the unit at all, unless he has a doctors appointment. Well, yesterday he an appointment with an ENT who specializes in the airway. Fletcher has had some tracheal bleeding and was crying (real tears and everything) when we suctioned his trach. This is not normal for him, he's usually a champ when it comes to being suctioned! Well, we've never seen this doctor (Dr. Digoy) before so he doesn't know Fletcher and he likes to do his assessments in the OR. My first thought was, "Are you kidding me? You're the first doctor I've met that hasn't given any thought at all about putting Fletcher under anesthesia!" Dr. Digoy went down Fletcher's trach with a catheter that was also a camera and it totally stressed Fletcher out! So, if Fletcher was sedated, Dr. Digoy would be able to take the trach out and look at what's going on in his airway and look at his ears. Fletcher also has another really bad ear infection. We just finished an antibiotic for an infection in both of his ears last Friday and he already has another one! So, I think it will be a good thing for us to let Dr. Digoy get a good look at Fletcher. I don't have any details such as dates yet but when I do I'll let you all know! Gotta go for now!

Be blessed!

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