Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today was the first day to access Fletcher's port. And guess what? It doesn't work!!!!!! He is scheduled to have yet another surgery next Thursday. Seriously? I can't believe we can't get this thing together!!!!! However, one of my dear friends told me today that she's praying that this port will work and that it won't have to be replaced. So, tonight our little family decided to make that our prayer as well. I'm going to ask them to try again. If you're willing would you agree with us in prayer that this port will work? Thanks! So here's a fun little video from yesterday... In the last six months Fletcher has mastered the whole 'sticking his tongue out' thing. So cute!


oda41143 Missy said...

That Fletcher is so funny!!! I am praying too that the port will work.

Anonymous said...

praying! for all of you! love, KeriJo

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're praying in agreement! Yaa-Hoo! Can't wait to here the good report! I kinda think Fletcher doesn't need practice in saying No. Flechter, say OK, is what I want to see next. Body language, shrug of shoulder? Love much! Janet Lalli