Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has sprung...

The first day of spring! Ain't it great? I'm so ready for nice sunny weather! The girls have enjoyed their spring break. They spent three nights at a hotel with a swimming pool with Monna, Pops and Aunt Jackie. Maddie had a great time swimming, she turned into a little fish. She also was quite the social butterfly, she was on first name basis with every person that came to the pool! Kayleigh was able to hang out with one of her childhood friends Marley, shop and hang out some more with Marley and her BFF Vanessa. Thanks Monna and Pop for making spring break fun for the girls!

My little fish

Vanessa, Kayleigh & Marley

We're also getting ready for Easter. We are going to take Fletcher to church and then home for the afternoon. We're very excited to be able to get him home. We have invited my side of the family over for lunch and an egg hunt. That should be lots of fun. We'd appreciate your prayers that everything will go smoothly! I have been busy around here trying to get the house clean, work in the yard a little bit and I took on a project last weekend that I thought would be a nice quick change. I painted the girls bathroom and changed out the shower curtain and rugs. I used to love home improvement projects but I just haven't had the time, energy or motivation for the last three years. I really enjoyed that little bathroom project it was just what I needed. And I'm motivated to tackle the utility room!

Fletcher is doing well. He's been to school about three times this week. We have walked the halls of TCC about three times also. It's so fun to walk him through the building, people come out of their offices to talk to Fletcher when they see him coming. They stop us in the hall just so they can get him to blow kisses! TCC is a wonderful place and they make us feel so special. I don't know if there is a person in that building that doesn't know him. He's kind of like the Big Man on Campus! :) He is so loved and well cared for there. What a blessing! Tomorrow afternoon TCC will have their annual Easter egg hunt. I will take Maddie up there so she can hunt with him! It should be a lot of fun.

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