Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So thankful...

Seven years ago today we admitted Fletcher to The Children's Center (TCC). That day is a blur to me and also a day I'll never forget. We were handing him over to people who knew nothing about him and didn't love him like we did. When I think back on those days, Fletcher was really, really sick. So sick it was scary. It's a true miracle that he is alive and doing so well. I know the Lord was with us in the decision to place Fletcher at TCC. I also know that the Lord has used that place to save his life many times. I also know Fletcher would not be doing as well as he is today if it weren't for TCC. The nurses, RT's and all the therapists have made the difference in his life.

Six or eight months ago we were approached by our nurse practitioner about bringing Fletcher home to live with us for good. So, the process to bring Fletcher was started. We set a date for October 5, 2012. Well as you know that date has passed. Right before we were set to bring Fletcher home, our insurance decided that they would not pay for nursing care in our home for Fletcher. So, we had to file an appeal with the insurance company. Well, we found out today that  the we won the appeal and they will be paying for nursing!!! So, tomorrow we meet with social services to work  out the details of home health and all the equipment we'll need. We are over the top excited and can't wait to bring Fletcher home. We'd appreciate your prayers as we make this huge transition. It's going to be hard but it will be worth it. Please pray for the nurses who will be coming into our home to care for Fletcher that will be competent and will treat him with respect and dignity. I know as soon as we have a good routine going it will get easier. Thank you so much for your love and support!



annotations said...

What wonderful news! Also LOVE seeing all these pics of Fletcher together!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

(by Flint)

Shine, little man
warmth like the sun
bright through a stain glass smile
colors through cathedrals praying

Split this cold world with your bliss
strong, broad and pure
bend our darkness until morning breaks through
silence their cursing with laughter's joy

Your life is alive and meant for living
no operation can stop your heart from love
forces of the faithless can't muffle hope
this world can't stop our passionate Heaven

The Hero GOD, Who comes to help you
holding you in beautoful rainbows
heaping your wonders with Truth triumphant
what hatred doubts, Love fashions with faith

The sacred and special comes to greet you
ignorance flees, starshine and sunlight draw near
a family's dreams born and blossoming
across the deep green Garden of GOD

Watered with wonder our tears subsiding
broken and human, we hold each other
tender and touching, Love unlocks us
arms wide open

Let Thy Kingdommed glory ring
through Fletcher's freedom's fly the heights
our worth rebirthed in sacred shimmer
awesome sighs embracing

We pray on Earth
as Heaven dances
we bow to kiss the infinite kindness
our Life, GOD's gift, our precious birth

The darkness flees in furious stumbles
bless the dawn with humbled hugs
today and days to come eternal
with beautied eyes beholding

Shine your story
written in His glorious Book
we read your heart, your life, we hear Heaven speaking
a chorus of Love singing holy holies

A song of hope in melodious purpose
music plays your happiness
the dance of GOD for Fletcher
a symphony of Life, the breath of Light

Smile, little man.

Unknown said...

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