Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby steps...

Fletcher has been tolerating being off the ventilator for 3 hours at a time, twice a day. About a week and a half ago we tried being off for 4 hours but he kind of hit a wall and we had to back him down to 3 hours. They usually sprint him first thing in the morning and then around 7 in the evenings. Fletcher and I have been enjoying morning walks without the ventilator and using his new manual wheelchair. He's not really a fan of the manual wheelchair but I love that thing because it's so cute and little, just like him!

Fletcher's really proud that he's been sprinting. How do I know? Well, when we take our walks everytime we see someone, anyone in the hallway he touches his vent tubing and points at the person we're talking to. He wants me to tell the person that he's sprinting these days. We tell EVERYONE, sometimes we tell the same person several times on one walk! He should be proud of himself, breathing is hard work and something most of us take for granted.

Well, it's a short update, but I'm doing better, right? :)

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Lena said...

I couldn't find you on Facebook! It was truly a blessing to see Fletcher, you, and Angie the other day. So amazed at Fletcher's progress and the power of God's love and grace in your lives! Blessings, Lena Hunt